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Mountain Biking

This is a paradise for families, as well as amateur and advanced mountain bikers. The Veysonnaz gondola and other lifts can carry you up and there are lovely surfaced gravel paths to lead you back down. Good brakes are the only necessity! Bikes are available to hire. There are 250km of marked trails, including 5 different routes which you can get from the Tourist Office. The Grand Raid is considered the longest & hardest mountain bike race in the world which is held in Aug and passes through Veysonnaz - it's 132kms long with total climb of 4600m and attracts more than 4000 riders.


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Ebikes are a brilliant way to see the Alps without the need for the gondolas and lifts. Ebike rental and guided tours are availble from: 

Veysonnaz ELLF;jsessionid=47AA5075A8CF0A8EC3DFBB13D4F9F657?communityId=118

Ecole Suisse du Ski

Neige Adventure

Mountain Bike Routes

Mountain Biking Veysonnaz

Route 1. Veysonnaz Station (swimming pool) - gondola square - road of Mayens de l'Ours - Magrapp - tennis - swimming pool
Length : 3 km
Level difference : 140 m

Route 2. Veysonnaz - Piste de l'Ours - les Combes - Verrey - Veysonnaz
Length : 9 km
Level difference : 320 m
Middle difficulty

Route 3. Thyon (gondola) - Combyre - Meinaz - Crte du Po - Verrey - Veysonnaz
Length : 15 km
Level difference : 880 m

Route 4. Thyon (gondola) - Combyre - Meinaz - Combatseline - Siviez - Planchouet - Les Follats - Clbes - Veysonnaz
Length : 28 km
Level difference : 1340 m
Middle difficulty

Route 5. Veysonnaz - Piste de l'Ours - Thyon (gondola)
Length : 12 km
Level difference : 760 m
Very difficult

The Printse Tour: MTB itinerary linking Veysonnaz to Haute-Nendaz

Two routes which follow the famous "Grand Raid" itinerary (mountain bike race) are available to you. The Easy Rider Tour is accessible to families thanks to the use of the lift system for all the up-hill parts and the Pro Rider Tour for the more sporty. 

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Veysonnaz Gondola

The lift system including Veysonnaz gondola is open from late June to late October. See the Veysonnaz Tourisme website for further details on opening hours.